The Church celebrates the feast of St. Louis de Montfort on April 28 and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet on May 7.  Together, they are co-founders of the Daughters of Wisdom, the group of sisters who established Wisdom House here in Litchfield, the Company of Mary (Montfort Fathers), who established the Lourdes Shrine, and the Brothers of St Gabriel.
Who are these holy people?
St. Louis de Montfort is called the Apostle of Mary. St. Pope John Paul II the Great said his own life took a “decisive turn” due to the writings of St.Louis de Montfort. He was a preacher of the Gospel, a poet, sculptor and missionary priest. Blessed Marie Louise Trichet was an administrator of a hospital for the poor. She had an innate gift of leadership that brought competence, compassion, and dignity to the care of the people. She and her sisters lived a rule of life to acquire Divine Wisdom.  
These founders and spiritual guides loved God as Divine Wisdom. They urge us to seek Wisdom in the experiences of daily life, in the mystery of the Cross, as well as in the joy of the Resurrection.
Their message is over 300 years old, yet it continues to challenge us today.  Their spiritual legacy lives on in thousands of followers worldwide and through the ministries of Lourdes’ Shrine and Wisdom House. 
Wisdom House gave relics of St Louis de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet to our local parish, now renamed St. Louis de Montfort Parish. May these two holy people intercede to God for the parish and our town, that they, too, may grow in Divine Wisdom.