Program in Residence: The Guild for Spiritual Guidance

Founded by spiritual masters including John Yungblut, Henri Nouwen, Nan Merill, Walter Wink, and Madeline L’Engle, The Guild for Spiritual Guidance continues to support spiritual seekers and leaders through a unique focus on Four “Strands" of Wisdom: 

  • Sacred Love: ancient & modern Eastern/Western mystics; and, ourselves as mystics

  • Sacred Consciousness: depth psychology, including Jung, Hillman, and Woodman

  • Sacred Universe: Teilhard, Berry, Macy; and, the Universe Story

  • Sacred Community: interspiritual practices; and Palmer 

Whether you are pursuing a call to spiritual direction or ordained ministry, to integrate spirituality more fully into your current professional activities or to explore your own spirituality within a supportive community, The Guild offers a variety of programs in residence at Wisdom House, including our two-year Apprenticeship Program that provides lifelong membership, annual Greater Guild retreats and workshops, and a new Wisdom House Speaker Series, as well as pilgrimages to the Isle of Iona and other sacred destinations. 

Apprenticeship Program

Each apprentice is called to develop their own unique gifts, and to explore new ways to wholeheartedly serve in their diverse professions, spiritualities or places of worship, and their local communities. Following the completion of a two-year certificate in the four Strands, graduates of the AP are invited to become lifelong members of The Guild, to continue their journey of spiritual listening and sacred response within a supportive community, and be affirmed for their gifts of presence.

join The Guild at a Zoom Information Session:

Friday, June 7 at 7pm ET

Saturday, June 8 at 10am ET

Saturday, June 22 at 10am ET 

Sunday, June 23 at 9am ET

Friday, June 28 at 6pm ET

Saturday, June 29 at 10am ET

Sunday, July 14 at 5pm ET

Friday, July 19 at 7pm ET

Saturday, July 27 at 10am ET

Registration is required and login information will be sent in a confirmation email. Webinar streaming will begin 15 minutes before the event.

If you have questions, please email Admissions@TheGuild.

Membership in the Guild is understood to involve a commitment to a sustained discipline in the life of the Spirit, including a lifelong pursuit of the inward journey and concerned response through sacred action in the world. For more information about membership or individual programs, contact Dorothée Caulfield or visit The Guild for Spiritual Guidance website.

Speaker & Retreat Series

We hope you’ll join The Guild at Wisdom House this summer, by registering today, at one (or, more) of four remarkable retreats led by Guild graduates who are recognized leaders in their fields:

Saturday, June 1

Julian of Norwich

Dr. Christina Carlson

Friday to Sunday, July 19-21

Contemplative Franciscan Journey and Wisdom Way of Peace

The Rev. Br. Mark D’Alessio

Saturday, July 20

Call Me by My True Names: The Wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh

Dr. Bernice Marie-Daly

Tuesday to Thursday, August 6-8

Self-Care & Healthy Care-Giving for Clergy & Faith Leaders

The Rev. Br. Mark D’Alessio